Say you want to build a new garden shed but find that there is an old, gnarled tree that is taking up precious space on your property. It could also be that the tree is somehow damaged by either a lightning strike, fungal rot, or even by termites and is simply at the end of its long life in the sun. It could also be that a tree’s roots have grown so large that they are starting to break through your drive way or your house’s flooring, which of course will cause the structural integrity of your home to be compromised. There are many reasons for you to want remove a tree on your property, but depending on the size of the tree, it could be a more difficult task than you think. Trees are surprisingly heavy and their roots grow deep in the ground. If you want it removed, you cannot just take a chainsaw and hack it off yourself – this can be a dangerous venture and a falling tree could damage your home or even cause injury. Tree Removal is a deceptively complicated procedure that will require skilled workers and engineers who are experienced in dealing with falling trees.