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When you have a tree cut down with our services, the stump will typically be left behind unless you choose to have it removed. Tree stumps are typically harmless, but it may be an eyesore if you have a perfectly manicured lawn. There are several types of tree Stump Removal services available depending on what you want. Tree stump grinding will use heavy wood cutting equipment to shave the stump down until it is level with the ground. This will make the area look smooth, and the stump can easily be covered up with dirt or turf to make it blend seamlessly with the ground around it. Another type of stump removal is to have it pulled out by the roots. Different types of trees require different methods for removal. Hardwood trees for example, have a very wide reaching system of underground roots that can spread out across a vast area. Removing the stump for these trees can be very difficult and challenging and will require a fair amount of digging. Pine trees on the other hand, have a long, straight root that reaches directly down into the ground. While they are a little easier to remove, they will still require a tremendous amount of power to yank them out of the ground.

Tree stump removal for old, rotten trees is much easier, as their roots are less stubborn. Nevertheless, we at Surgical Strike Tree Service are confident that we can remove any stubborn tree stumps and root systems from your garden or yard. We guarantee to provide you with the top engineers and tree workers to keep your garden looking beautiful. Our services ensure safety, quality, and tactical precision when removing unwanted tree stumps from your home.

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