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Tree removal is a delicate procedure that requires the combined efforts of a team of tree workers and engineers. Since trees are so large and heavy, they can pose a significant threat if they are not removed by someone who has the experience necessary for this operation. Tree removal by amateurs can be very dangerous and could lead to damage to both self and property. On top of that, many different types of trees will require different kinds of tree removal. Deciduous hardwood trees such as oak and maple require trimming as their branches will often flare out over a broad area. Precision tools are needed to cut them down at a predictable angle, as they are heavy, solid trees. On the other hand, evergreens such as pine trees require a different technique to remove as their resin content makes them more brittle. They could easily bend and snap, especially if they are frozen during the winter. Utmost care is needed while removing these gigantic plants from your property. We at Surgical Strike Tree Service can provide you with that level of care.

Here at Surgical Strike Tree Service, we use surgical precision when cutting down unwanted trees. If you need a problem tree removed, just give us a call and we will come over to inspect the site. We also work fast when it comes to emergency tree removal for when a tree requires immediate elimination. A lightning strike could suddenly split a tree, leaving it to precariously loom over your home. When real danger like this happens, expect us to be there pronto to safely remove the tree and get you out of harm’s way. Our tree workers will be able to assess the situation quickly and take the appropriate course of action. We have competitive pricing and work quickly, ensuring you the best tree service available.

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