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Keeping your trees pruned and well maintained is crucial for ensuring their health. In our previous blogs we have talked about the importance and ways to prune a tree, as well as identifying when one needs to be removed. Knowing that both of these are important to understand, it is much more crucial to know how to choose the right company to hire for all the tree service needs. Here are a few areas you can look into before hand that can be helpful in determining the best choice for your needs.

chooseimage2-1Word on the Block

The best way to start your search is to ask friends and family for any recommendations they may have. This kind of digging can actually help root out a lot of the wrong kind of tree service companies as well as give you a valid understanding of the reputation of the company and the quality of service they provide. Once you collect a few recommendations, do some additional research for yourself. You should be able to find a variety of positive reviews as well as some sort of credentials from a reputable trade association. Check any other indicators of validation available on their site, and even how long the company has been up and running.


When you are looking to have a project completed, or even simple pruning, you won’t want massive heavy machinery on your yard. Ask the companies you’re inquiring with which equipment they use and what approach they will take to get to the project. Make sure you clearly identify your sprinkler heads and any other potential things that could be damaged. Furthermore, inquire on what their damage policy is. A trustworthy company will talk through their process with you and ensure the protection of your property, or have a valid policy for any damage that may occur during the project.

Disaster Salesmen

Oftentimes, the need for tree services will arise after a storm has hit the area, bringing the tree service companies out of the woodwork. Be cautious of these “rescue” teams, they tend to come in the opportune time with the motive to make you pay. Known to be scam artists, these door-to-door con men will prey on disaster situations as well as elderly individuals. All in all, making a point to not do business with them is the best way to avoid getting caught up in a scam.


Don’t be afraid to call multiple companies and compare the price quotes and completed projects with a few companies before you decide. In your comparison, be sure to take note of all aspects of the service that is being offered. For example, if a company is less expensive and will be a quicker project completion time, but doesn’t include quality clean up, you will want to reconsider. Ensuring your property is well taken care of is crucial when choosing a tree service company, whether it be pruning, tree removal, or stump grinding. At the end of the day, the company you choose should be reliable.

At Surgical Strike, our tree service experts work with you to provide the best quality and customer service in our projects. Our professional team is here to answer questions and provide comprehensive solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or get an estimate here. Call Surgical Strike today, the tree specialists.