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As trees continue to grow and expand over the years, their limbs and canopy can extend every which way. While people often prefer the growth and development of their trees, pruning is still a crucial maintenance piece to implement. More than just for safety reasons, pruning a tree has specific benefits to help it stay healthy. Today we are going to dive into the aspects of pruning, why it’s necessary, when to do it, and how.

dreamstime_xxl_29580638Proper Posture

One of the most important reasons pruning a tree is necessary, is the health aspect of the tree itself. Ensuring the limbs of the trees are trimmed and pruned keeps them from growing disconfigured. If a tree is left to grow without being pruned, the branches can grow and distribute weight unevenly, creating stress on the tree and potentially weakening the overall structure. Pruning your tree can also improve the aesthetic of it and decrease the chances of branches or limbs breaking.

Disease Treatment

Diseases are one of the biggest threats to the life of a tree. Once one begins, it can be extremely difficult to stop or prevent it from spreading to other areas of the tree, or another tree in it’s vicinity.  Pruning is an effective way to not only prevent the a disease from spreading, but eradicate it all together as well. By removing the infected limb or limbs, you are able to cut off the source, making it an effective treatment.

Strong Structuredreamstime_xxl_41502030

Pruning your tree can help it become stronger and able to withstand intense wind, rain, or snow storms. By choosing an arborist who is educated on tree trimming you ensure your tree is structurally prepared to withstand harsh weather, and continues to grow strong. In addition, pruning branches will help your tree grow healthily.

Avoid Overdoing It

While we encourage and recommend pruning your trees, it’s important to know we are not recommending overdoing it. As a general rule, less is more. Taking too much off the crown of the tree can cause damage and long term issues with the tree, rather than helping it grow and strengthen. When pruning a tree, you’ll want to trim the least amount possible, which measuring-wise equates to no more than  a quarter of an inch of the crown. Because the chance of you fatally damaging the tree, you will want to contact an arborist to protect the life and development of your tree.


Surgical Strike Tree Service is ready to step in and perform any tree services you may need. From tree trimming to tree removal to stump grinding, our team is trained and prepared for the job. If the tree in your yard needs pruning, don’t try to do it yourself. Having the necessary tools, safety equipment, and the correct training is mandatory to successfully perform any tree service. Call Surgical Strike, where you can trust the right people to do it the right way, the first time. For all your tree service needs, call us today!